Editing your novel

I got a B in GCSE English, but that was like 20 years ago. The English language has changed since then...okay it hasn't really, but chances are you'll need to refresh your memory on a few things.
    'What things?' I hear you cry. Well, for example; how to properly use punctuation (google em- dashes), what punctuation to avoid (semi colons, apparently), when to use a paragraph, when to indent a paragraph, sentence structuring (have you started to many sentences with an 'I'?), perspective filtering... and so on.
    So, what are your options? Well, you could buy a book on editing and do it yourself. Or you could hire a professional editor. Whilst it can be expensive, you don't necessarily have to get the entire manuscript edited. You could just have the first few chapters done and follow that example.
    Why should you pay out for an editor when a publisher will do that anyway? Well, imagine that you're a literary agent and you receive about 5000 queries every year. The query hooks you but the first three chapters are littered with mistakes and formatted badly. Would you overlook those mistakes? Some agents might, but a lot of agents would pass on it.
    The truth is that the self publishing market has put pressure on agents and publishers to release books faster- a book that requires extensive editing will eat up precious time and resources. As fantastic as your novel may be, it's all about money in the end.
    What if I plan to self publish? Recently, the amount of self published, poorly edited drivel has somewhat tarnished the indie author movement. To stand out among the self published goo, your work needs to be polished- the last thing you need is someone leaving a bad review because of a few small mistakes.
    Can't afford an editor? There may be options for you. One example is crowd funding. You can send your sponsors a free e book or a signed copy depending on the donated amount, once it's edited.


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