Beta Readers...get some!

Once you've completed your manuscript, it's wise to get people to read it and give you a critique. You can pay for this service but you can also use sites like Inkitt and Wattpad. On Inkitt, for example, you can publish your novel- either the first few chapters or the entire thing- and you can remove it at any time. Inkitt also has anti-copy and paste software to protect your work, as does Wattpad. Both sites also have a 'beta readers' forum where you can ask for people to who read your genre.
    I have found Inkitt to be the most useful of the two sites.
    'Can't I just get my friends to read it?' No, you can't. Here's why... your friends and family may not be as honest with you as they should be. You need brutal honesty. You need someone to point out where you're going wrong and why. Don't be afraid of criticism, as much as it may hurt. Most problems can be fixed with partial re-writes or minor adjustments.
    Make sure you find at least five strangers to read your work- preferably the entire manuscript.
    There are also many Facebook and Twitter groups at your disposal for you to connect with fellow authors. I've actually made some good friends this way and we help each other out.
    Good luck!


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